Who is PAC? Every parent or guardian of a student attending
Crescent Park Elementary is a member of the PAC.

Crescent Park PAC – Supporting Our School

The Crescent Park Parents Advisory Council (PAC) exists to support student education at our school. The PAC provides volunteer opportunities for parents, organizes fundraising activities, acts in an advisory capacity to the school administration and provides educational supplies, programs and equipment as needed.

Mission Statement

The École Crescent Park Elementary School Parent Advisory Council (CPPAC) is dedicated to strengthening the role of families in the education and well-being of École Crescent Park Elementary School students.  CPPAC enables every parent/guardian to participate in meaningful discussions that improve communication between home and school.  CPPAC also coordinates fundraising for monetary and other resources to fund in-class, extracurricular and community programs that are deemed to be of high value by the families of École Crescent Park.

When Does the PAC Meet?

The PAC Executive meets monthly in the Library. Every parent is welcome to attend – you can come once or all year! Please check the Calendar for upcoming meeting information.

Attending a PAC meeting is a great way to stay informed, provide input into fundraising initiatives and allocation, get to know the Principal, raise issues or concerns, and meet other parents.

If you are unable to attend, you can stay up-to-date by reviewing the monthly PAC Minutes.

More About PAC