Hot Lunch



This program is temporary on hold due to COVID and we will revisit this program in January. 




This program is typically a significant fundraiser for Crescent Park and is run entirely by parent volunteers. 100% of profits go back to the school, helping the many ways the PAC supports the school. Plus, the kids LOVE it, and you get a day off making lunches!

Hot lunch runs every Wednesday throughout the school year. Orders placed in September cover the hot lunch dates October through to January.  Orders placed in January cover the hot lunch dates February through June.

ORDER INSTRUCTIONS: click here or see below.

  2. REGISTER AN ACCOUNT:    Important: Privacy laws require us to delete ALL student history at the end of each  school year, therefore you are required to re-register each September. At the bottom of the ‘login box’ click ‘click here to register’. The school access code is CPHL2019  You must fill in ALL fields. Note: Your password is case sensitive.
  3. ADD STUDENTS: Click ​Students  Enter the student’s name and class and click ​Add New​ button.  Repeat, as necessary.
  4. PLACE YOUR ORDER(S): Click ​Order Now​ or you can access ordering via the ​Orders​ tab at the top menu, click  Student Orders/Order Now.    Select applicable menu items for each of the three menu types/days. (This term we  have Pizza Day, Subway, Hot Dog Day and White Spot Day)    **For each menu type, only enter the items once – they will automatically be copied to  the other days of that same menu type (ex. You put in your Pizza Day selections once,  and they are repeated for all the Pizza Days in that term). Scroll to the bottom of the order form and select ​Place Order & Proceed​.
  5. PRINT REMITTANCE AND MAKE PAYMENT (BY FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 20): Print Remittance and put it in an envelope with your payment (cheque or cash). We offer two payment options:
    1 – payment for the full amount dated today
    2 – two payments – one cheque (for half the amount) dated today and the  second cheque (for the remaining balance) post-date for November 15,  2019.
    Cheques should be made payable to ​CPPAC.
  6. HAND IN YOUR REMITTANCE AND PAYMENT: Hand these in to either your child’s teacher or at the school office ​on or before FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 20th.

If you need technical assistance using the online ordering system, please contact the  Hot Lunch Team at ​​.